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Educational Scholarship Endowment Fund

The purpose of the Colorado Lions Foundation's Educational Scholarship Endowment Fund is to provide undergraduate educational scholarship funds to legal citizens within the State of Colorado and MD-6 who may or may not be associated with a Lion, Lioness or Leo. A Lioness or Lions Club is required to sponsor any applicant for this Scholarship.

Scholarship Eligibility

To be considered for an Educational Scholarship, an individual must be: Scholarship Online Application

Online Application Process

  1. Application Deadline: April 1st 11:59pm
  2. You may review the application requirements by selecting "Apply Online".
  3. Select "Review" (lower left) to review application form.
  4. Before registering and applying:,
    1. Find A lions Club to sponsor your application.
    2. Select Find A Club in Colorado
    3. Enter your home town ex("Golden, CO") and select search. Lions Clubs near your location will appear.
    4. Select a pin indicator for a club
    5. Select "View" to view club information
    6. Select "Contact" to contact the club. Complete the form requesting sponsorship and select "Submit"
  5. To Apply for a Scholarship, Select "APPLY".
  6. Complete the Registeration Form .
  7. You will receive an email confirming registration.
  8. Complete the application form. You will be required to upload some additional documents in PDF Form.
  9. You will receive an email when the application is submitted.

Please contact the Scholarship Chair David Parker 970-355-9164 or email: for additional information.

Club Responsibilities for Sponsoring A Scholarship Applicant

  1. Preparation and submittal of the scholarship club support letter. Send PDF version to the applicant.
  2. The reasoning behind a Lions Club sponsoring the applicant is to form a basis to meet these young people and their parents or to go to the schools and meet the school counselor with the intent of promoting Lionism. This will give you an opportunity to introduce yourself and possibly your club to them.
  3. In the event an applicant you sponsored should receive one of the four scholarships:
    1. A check to the applicant will be sent to your club.
    2. The Foundation requests you present the check to the applicant at a club function.
    3. Take pictures and post on your facebook page, website and Social Media (Twitter or Instagram) with hashtags #LionsMD6, #WeServe & #LionClubs.
  4. There is no limit as to the number of scholarship applicants a club may sponsor.

Other Forms

Sponsoring Lions Support Letter   Parental Consent   Club Responsibilities   Counselors and Applicants Instructions